87% US Teenagers Use Text Messages Each Month

When it comes to mobile devices, teenagers are probably one of the most ardent users. A new set of data from Family Online Safety Institute now reveals what kind of activities are popular with teenagers using cellphones. According to the study, text messaging is the most popular activity among Ameircan teens, with 87% sending SMS each month.

US teenagers data

When defining teens, Family Online Safety Institute essentially refers to young ones aged between 13 and 17. The data from the Institute further reveals that next to sending/receiving SMS, playing mobile games is the second most popular activity among the American teens. Some 82% surveyed teens reported to have indulged in mobile gaming during the last 30 days.

Sending emails also turns out to be an overwhelmingly common activity in this age group, 81% respondents having sent one or more emails in the last one month and an equal percentage said they used a social networking site.

It must be noted here that in a way, this is the first generation of digitally connected teens. Never before have mobile devices, internet connectivity and communications been more common than they are today. This has not only enabled today’s teenagers to stay connected at all times but have also radically changed their lifestyles.

32% of the respondents, for instance, revealed that they have sent or received messages on Snapchat, a relatively recent phenomenon in the tech world. 42% have posted one or more photos at Instagram, again citing that the way data is shared today by the teenagers is very different from what it was, say, a decade ago.

Source: Statista

Courtesy: Mashable

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