Serval Project Envisions Carrier-Indepdent Smartphones

In recent times, we have seen a number of services reliant on Wi-Fi which can help users make calls and send messages. Serval Project aims to take this to the next level by trying to make a smartphone entirely independent of a cellular network.

Mesh Extender

The device which will make this possible is being called “Mesh Extender.” A crowdsourcing campaign has been launched to raise some $300,000 so that the development of this device could be kick started.

Mesh Extender essentially helps such localized networks which are created by Serval, by letting these networks be available over longer distances. Moreover, the Extender helps phones within a given locality to create a mesh network in a very novel way, so that users don’t have to root their Android devices to join the network.

The idea is to connect phones with each other, create mesh networks, then extend these networks over longer distances with the help of Mesh Extender, so that data can travel over longer distances, imitating cellular connectivity. The model certainly makes a lot of sense, especially for such users who live in areas where cellular connectivity is intermittent.

The Mesh Extender makes use of a radio to extend the reach of a given Wi-Fi, making use of the wireless spectrum which is typically used by cordless phones. This nifty device has been tested in a number of countries and is legal in U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealanad and many other areas. If you are hooked to the idea and wish to contribute to it, you can browse to this page and back it up.

Source: Indiegogo

Courtesy: Mashable

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