Acer Would Love To Build Windows Phone 8 Handsets, Just Not Now

Windows Phone 8 is yet to gain a sizable market penetration. Microsoft is heavily relying on Nokia to spread it out, but that’s not helping. Taiwanese brand Acer also feels the same. And, the company admitted this is the fact that is delaying its entry in the Windows Phone 8 market.

Windows Phone 8

TechRadar quoted Acer’s VP of Smartphones for EMEA Allen Burnes saying, “We are looking at Windows Phone 8, we think it’s a great OS. The integration with Xbox is nice, the enterprise suite is nice, but I think no one knows about it.”

Burnes acknowledges that Windows Phone 8 has a clear advantage because of the level of integration it achieves with other Microsoft products such as Windows and Xbox. He also said that Acer “would really like to deploy Windows OS,” but feels “no one knows about it (Windows Phone 8).”

“We’ve made the decision not to launch a Windows Phone 8 device this year. Next year, depending on how we see the growth go this year, we may well do,” Burnes said.

Let’s see, how that fairs.

Thanks to: TechRadar

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  1. Tsais

    No industry executive can afford to really speak the truth about Microshuft…

    So they go traipsing around and around the bush.

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