Amazon Reduced Hp’s Veer Pricing

The HP Veer launched last month, many of us here at PreCentral had concerns about the lack of advertising and the price point. HP’s latest (and certainly smallest) smartphone, has so far been fairly subdued. But now Amazon is going to change that in the most effective way is by making the phone cheap.
HP Veer

By their previous price cut of the on contract white Veer to a penny, Amazon is similarly slashing the price of the black version of the phone.

And the cuts are (sort of) paying off: The black Veer is currently 34th on Amazon’s list of bestselling smartphones with service plans, directly trailing Kyocera’s dual-screened Echo.

Amazon’s deal is only slightly less compelling than the one offered by Best Buy, which supplies the white version of Veer for free with two-year AT&T contract.

Amazon has gone ahead and reduced pricing on the dark version of HP’s Lilliputian wonder to match it’s fairer sibling: One cent on contract (through Amazon) will get you any color you like, as long as it’s white or black.
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