Sprint And HTC’s EVO 4G Powered By Android 2.1

Time for the 4G smartphone guys. After the period of rumors finally Sprint and HTC’s Android 4G smartphone will be in your hand in the first June. The HTC EVO 4G a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen with multitouch and runs HTC’s updated Sense user interface powered by Google Android 2.1 mobile OS.
This is smartphone 21st century technology that’s worthy of some of the excitement that’s been lavished upon it. We just saw demos of Qik video conferencing, YouTube HQ (output brilliantly over HDMI), simultaneous data and voice usage, and even a straight-up speed test (4Mbps down, 1Mbps up, the latter of which is a hard cap).

The EVO 4G also ships with an 8-megapixel camera with “HD-capable” video capture. Unsurprisingly, its powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.The EVO 4G runs the revamped Sense interface. Launched at Mobile World Congress, the new Sense UI offers some useful new functions for easy navigation including a new feature called Leap. Essentially, Leap is an elegant way of handling multitasking; it’s actually a bit reminiscent of Palm’s webOS deck of cards visualization. Pinch anywhere on the homescreen, and you’ll jump to seven thumbnail versions of your open pages. From there, you can go to any of those open applications or close out of one.

Another new feature in a new widget called Friend Stream. It allows you to view your friends’ status updates, shared links, and pictures all in one seamless view.
Sprint says its 4G network delivers peak download speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. While Sprint has been talking about its WiMAX service (via the Clearwire network) for a few years now, we haven’t seen very many WiMAX-enabled devices outside of laptop cards and modems. At CES, Sprint announced the Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot that will work with WiMAX networks, where available.

The phone performed brilliantly in each scenario, but of course that’s to be expected when you have a 4G tower in the building. Check out the videos of all this breathless action after the break. Added bonus? All four (totaling about 100MB) were uploaded with our laptop tethered over WiFi to an HTC EVO 4G.

EVO 4G finally has a date and a price, and you don’t have terribly long to wait: June 4 is the date that you’ll want to be lining up outside your local Sprint store for an EVO 4G, $199 in hand (assuming you’re signing up for a new contract, of course according to the fine print, the full cost is $450 before all discounts).

Source: engadget.com, pcworld.com


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