56% American Adults Are Smartphone Owners Now: Pew Research

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project was launched a while ago to discern technological trends in the life of American adults. The Center has concluded the findings of a recent survey in a report which divulges that 56% American adults now own a smartphone.

Pew smartphone survey

To discern the smartphone ownership trends in the American adult populace, the survey set out with two questions. The first question asked the respondents whether or not their handset was a smartphone; while the second question asked the respondents whether or not their cell phone was operated on a popular smartphone platform.

Out of the total respondents, 55% responded to the first question in affirmative while 58% were affirmative in their response to the second question. When the responses from both questions were combined together, it was found out that some 61% of cell owners, participating in the survey, were indeed smartphone owners.

In light of these findings, the Pew Research Center has concluded that 56% of all American adults now qualify to be deemed smartphone owners. Another 35% of the American adult populace does own cell phones, but the ones that do not qualify as smartphone. Finally, 9% of the American adults do not have a handset at all.

Interestingly, other indicators of the detailed survey reveal that higher income level is directly related to a higher adoption rate of smartphones. The urban, rural divide also seems to play a role in smartphone adoption, with the rural populace more eagerly adopting smartphones. At the same time, a college student is more likely to own a smartphone as compared to a high school grad. You can read the detailed findings of the study in the link provided below.

Source: Pew Internet

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