Apple Beats Samsung In Q4 2011 Smartphone Sales

Apple and Samsung are two of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Apple prizes it’s iPhone while Samsung has pretty much succeeded with it’s Android smartphones in the Samsung S series. Last year, Samsung momentarily overtook Apple in smartphone sales but with the results of the final quarter out, Apple is back in the game and leading. Samsung’s quarterly reports tell that it sold 36.5 million smartphones in Q4 whereas Apple has sold about 37 million, clearly on the first position, again.

This battle for the top position may continue between Apple and Samsung, with the crown being switched intermittently between the two. However, in the game of overall statistics, Samsung still beat Apple for the top spot. The overall sales that Samsung was able to manage in 2011 was 97.4 million smartphones. Apple, on the other hand, was just behind with 93 million iPhone sold in 2011. Samsung is already gearing up it’s efforts and plans to further the difference but it may be hard for it since Apple is all set to release the next device in the iPhone series, which may definitely bump the sales for Apple.

Other companies are also jumping the bandwagon with Nokia Lumia series devices expected to gain traction into 2012. But Samsung and Apple still are clearly steering right ahead of their other contemporaries. The crucial question would definitely be the one asking which is fundamentally better: an iOS ecosystem or the Android ecosystem. And that will decide who deserves to lead eventually.

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