Nokia Ace LTE With AT&T To Be Launched On March 18th

The latest breaking news on Windows Phone, revealed through ‘inside sources’ of Paul Thurrott, is that Nokie Ace LTE is all set to be launched on March 18th, 2012. According to him, the details of the launch and all relevant information will be out in the open during CES 2012, which is barely two weeks from now. The carrier for Nokie Ace LTE will be AT & T and March 18th is the date when the shipping will start.

Nokia Ace LTE is the same phone some analysts had been calling Nokia Lumia 900, the next version of Nokia Lumia 800. The name had been suggested because Nokie Lumia 800 and this new Windows phone, Nokie Ace LTE, both run the same version of Windows Phone OS which is Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

Paul has claimed in his recent post that the phone, which has long been anticipated, will hit the shelves on March 18th and that it’s release will be announced officially during CES 2012 which will be in January, 2012. However, some analysts are raising a brow at the claim that Nokia will announce the release about two months before the actual release. Nonetheless, we can confirm this piece of information in less than two weeks when CES 2012 is due.

Another piece of information divulged by Paul is that Nokia Lumia 710 will become available with Verizon Wireless in April 2012. However, this device would be without LTE and is scheduled to be launched with T-mobile in January 2012.

Image courtesy WMPoweruser.

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