Apple Gears Up To Win Against Nokia Over New Nano-SIM Standard

SIM card, as every wireless phone users will recognize, is the card that contains the user’s phone number, cellular identity and often, contacts. We have come a long way from the original SIM to the micro-SIM that is currently widely used. And now, Apple, Nokia, RIM and Google are at war due to a new Nano-SIM technology that they aim to be the new standard for mobile communication. The bone of contention is that who’s Nano-SIM technology should be that standard.

Nano-SIM is really a smaller version of micro-SIM with space to add more functionality. While Nokia and Apple are the chief contenders in this war, Apple is trying to improve its chances at winning by wooing a number of European carriers. This is because right now, the main battlefield is European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Right now, Nokia has the best chances at having its Nano-SIM technology being declared the new standard. It has a total of 92 votes swayed to its side in ETSI while Apple is still behind. But now, it has been reported that Apple is trying to improve its position in ETSI by registering six European subsidiaries with ETSI. The result will be that since subsidiaries with 8 billion euro or more in revenue have up to 45 votes in ETSI, Apple may be able to suddenly surge right ahead of Nokia.

Nokia is naturally disgruntled at the move and is questioning as to how ‘right’ the move is and that whether or not Apple should be allowed to do so. However, Apple has all the cash to make this happen and so far, no legal concerns have been raised.

Image courtesy mroach.

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