Apple Grabs 10.8 Percent US Cellphone Users

According to a fresh research, Apple is steadily increasing it’s share in the US cellphone market. From last quarter’s 1.3 percent, Apple is now up to 10.8 percent in this year and that’s a huge, huge increase. However, Android users are also on the rise in the largest global cellphone market – largest in terms of revenue volume.

In a recent research that included some 30,000 US cellphone users, it has been revealed that Apple is certainly making deep encroaches into the US cellphone market. Just a while ago, before the launch of it’s iPhone devices, Apple was barely a known company in the realm of smartphone and cellphone market. But Steve Jobs’ vision certainly did wonders for the company which is now riding on a very high tide which is not expected to subside any time soon.

The percentage likely to rise:
Whereas Apple is already holding about 10.8 percent of the cellphone market customers, there is a very huge chance that this percentage will only increase in the coming days. With the launch of the much-anticipated iPhone 5 next year, the US cellphone market which is already in the daze of this nifty Apple device is very likely to throng for it’s purchase. And that may surge Apple’s share of the total customers.

However, let’s not understate the  fact that Apple’s major contestant, Samsung did very well over the last quarter and hasn’t lost it’s standing in the market. In fact, the overall Android base is doing pretty well and has also increased it’s market share, side by side with Apple. The main competition, it seems, will be more Apple vs Android oriented in the coming days.

Image courtesy Yutaka Tsutano.
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