Samsung Will Unveil New Galaxy S4 Model With Advanced LTE Speeds

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 handset has been the best-selling smartphone of the company to date. However, there had been speculations that the sales of the handset aren’t as well as expected. Ignoring such speculations, Samsung is now planning to unveil another version of Galaxy S4, one which will feature incredibly better LTE speeds.

Samsung Galaxy S4

A number of smartphones come with support for LTE connectivity these days. However, Samsung is looking forward to stand its own flagship smartphone apart by claiming that the upcoming version of S4 will offer twice as fast LTE connectivity as any other smartphone.

This is certainly possible because Samsung is making use of LTE-Advanced 4G technology together with a speedier Qualcomm chip in the purported new model.

According to Samsung Mobile CEO, JK Shin, “We’ll be the first with the commercial launch of the advanced 4G version of the smartphone.” He went on claiming that with the advanced-LTE technology, users will be able to download a file in one minute which would take three minutes on regular LTE connectivity.

These improvements will certainly position the upcoming LTE-Advanced version of Galaxy S4 as a smartphone that speed-savvy consumers would want to have. According to reports, the upgraded handset will arrive in Korea by the end of this month. So it it is  expected that the handset would be available in the US market next month.

When asked about the global sales of Galaxy S4, Shin insisted that the handset is doing really well, saying, “S4 sales remain strong. It’s selling far stronger than the (Galaxy) S III … and the new LTE-Advanced (4G) phone will be another addition to our high-end segment offerings that ensure healthy profit margins.”

Source: Reuters

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