Apple Resolve Signal Problem For China Mobile’s iPhone 4S Users

Currently, Apple has one official carrier at China and has nearly sealed a deal with another major mobile carrier in the country. However, the largest carrier in China is China Mobile and Apple hasn’t been able to reach a deal with it yet, though there is hope this may happen soon. What’s interesting is that although the carrier is not iPhone’s official carrier, it has some 15 million subscribers who are using iPhone 4S. Some of these users has problems receiving signals on their devices and Apple responded promptly to resolve this problem.

China Mobile is not Apple’s official carrier. So when the subscribers of the carrier complained that they were experiencing problems with using the device on China Mobile’s 2G network, this issue was resolved by Apple. Why would Apple do that? Precisely because Apple is intent on penetrating the Chinese smartphone market and garnering a huge success. So far, although iPhone is a well-known brand in China, it still has a very small market share in China. Apple plans on expanding that market share and it will definitely be able to once it officially inks a deal with China Mobile.

According to Beijing Daily, “Apple Inc. may release an IOS update specifically for the Chinese mainland in early March to resolve the signal problems plaguing iPhone 4S owners using China Mobile’s network. China Mobile said that Apple had updated the system of all iPhone 4S handsets manufactured after Feb. 8, 2012 to fully support its network, and will offer a software update for previously manufactured iPhone 4S handsets in early March.”
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