AT&T Starts Throttling Unlimited-Plan Users After 2GB Monthly Data Usage

Increased data consumption has been becoming a problem for  mobile carriers. And so, now they are finding ways to curb users from using excessive amounts of data each month. Apparently, AT & T has now started throttling even such users who are on unlimited data plans. AT & T no longer provides the option of an unlimited plan. But many old iPhone users did purchase the plan and are continuing with it. Much to their dismay, AT & T starts throttling them even when they beyond the data limit of 2GB.

AT & T had announced earlier in October last year that it would start throttling such users who are on an unlimited data plan. The company also said that the users who will face throttling will mostly be those who will fall in the top 5% as per the data consumption. However, it seems like the top 5% of the company is pretty low-ceilinged. According to a user who is on an unlimited data plan, he was told by the company that he would be throttled even when he used mere 2.1 GB data on an unlimited data plan. According to him,

“I received a message during my last billing cycle, warning I was in the top 5% of my region and would experience reduced data speeds next time I reach that level of data use. I immediately checked my data usage on the AT&T iOS app.
2.1 GB. Less than I expected considering AT&T offers a 3GB plan for $30 a month. The same amount I’ve paid for the unlimited data plan since signing up with them many years ago. AT&T no longer offers an unlimited data plan, anyone still on it has been grandfathered in.”

This is definitely a huge disadvantage for users who are using an unlimited data plan on AT&T.

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