AT&T Taking Pre-Orders For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 3 has been among the highly anticipated releases of this year. The device is yet to hit the shelves but according to reports, you can place your pre-orders for Note 3 from now with AT&T.

Galaxy Note 3

Verizon has also been quick to jump the bandwagon and is due to launch pre-orders in no time. While this means that two of the major carriers are already offering pre-orders for Galaxy Note 3, the fact remains that we still have no confirmation on the date of its availability.

The pricing details of the handset are also unknown. However, safe estimates by most analysts peg it at $299.99, especially for the AT&T deal. You will expectedly be required to sign a two-year contract which will cost you another $35 or so each month. So in all, the total cost of the handset even out to be in the neighborhood of $700.

What is far more interesting is that AT&T has confirmed that it will be carrying Samsung’s smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. The carrier hasn’t provided a definite date as to when it would be available but says the gadget will be available with it in the ‘coming weeks.’

In its press release, AT&T suggests that using Galaxy Gear in conjunction with Galaxy Note 3 can be very useful and can let you put both devices to many creative uses. Now it remains to be seen whether or not the customers agree with the carrier, something which will depend considerably on the price tag of Galaxy Gear.

Courtesy: Engadget

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