Beijing Big Ben Tech Offers Green SIM Cards Made From Fiber Paper

Every month, millions of users buy new SIM-cards, either because they have just joined the telecom revolution or because they are switching between carriers. In other words, hundreds of millions of SIM-cards are sold each year. A Chinese company is now offering environment-friendly fiber-paper SIM cards.

Paper-based SIM cards

Since the sheer bulk of SIM cards sold each year is quite huge, they have a significant impact on the environment. That is precisely why the solution offered by Beijing Big Ben Tech seems quite viable.

The company claims that it has been producing ‘green’ SIM cards for the last five years. In such SIM cards, the card holder is made up of 100% fiber paper whereas the SIM cards are created from recyclable ABS plastic and metal. What is very interesting to note is that according to Big Ben Tech, the cost of creating these green SIM cards is nearly the same as standard SIM cards.

Normally, companies shy away from adopting environment-friendly practices because they tend to be somewhat costly. In this case, however, the environment-friendly SIM cards don’t cost any more than the regular SIM cards. This makes the greener SIM cards from Beijing Big Ben Tech a very viable solution for the telecom companies.

However, at the end of the day, it would be a push and demand from the users which would persuade major telcos to venture into something like this.

Courtesy: CNET

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