LG to Release 20 Android Phones by end of 2010

LG CEO Nam Yong has recently announced that LG will be releasing 20 Android Phones!

LG has usually used Windows Mobile for their smartphones, switching to Android at this time is only logical. This is a very aggresive strategy to try and get back in the mix of the smartphone market. Motorola has a huge deal with Verizon and is about to begin their 2nd Generation of Android phones. At this point LG is playing a little big of catch up…as is Windows Mobile. LG of course will not be releasing all 20 phones in the US. These are only worldwide numbers. LG has reportedly had a few “disappointing quarters” in their handset department. Their main focus has been on televisions and home appliances. This year looks like its going to go out with a bang.

Source: Korea Times

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