BlackBerry Q10 Prototype Image Shows Rubberized Back Cover

Earlier in January of this year, we saw puported images of the BlackBerry Q10 with glass weave back, giving it a premium look. Now we have found new images of BlackBerry Q10 showing rubberized battery cover similar to the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Q10 TTJ-1
The images came out after the team at Gent succeeded to grab a prototype of BlackBerry Q10. The rubberized back of the device doesn’t seem to use any fine tuned material, but definitely seems practical. Considering the response we have seen from different users about their love for the feel of the battery cover on Z10, we can say Q10 may grab the same attention. What’s most interesting is Q10 is coming with 2,100mAh battery that can provide you more power than BlackBerry Z10 that packs 1,800mAh battery with large screen. The Q10’s QWERTY keyboard is equipped with 35 keys in total, divided into 4 rows in front of the device. With a large battery and a smaller screen; that mean’s for power juice compared to Z10.

BlackBerry Q10 TTJ-2
BlackBerry Q10 TTJ-3

Source: Engadget

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