Boost Mobile brings Motorola i1 Android Phone

Boost Mobile brings its pre-paid customers Android through the introduction of the Motorola i1 mobile phone. The new handset is noted to be the company’s premier walkie-talkie enabled touchscreen phone powered by Android.

The Motorola i1 comes complete with a 5MP camera with autofocus, flash and video as well as 3.1-inch HVGA display and optimized Opera Mini 5 Web Browser. Customers can also expect the device to house the Boost Mobile ‘Monthly Unlimited’ service which offers unlimited nationwide talk, text and Web for $50 per month. The handset also provides Wi-Fi as well as new SWYPE technology.

Neil Lindsay, chief marketing officer, Boost Mobile commented, “Last year Boost disrupted the wireless marketplace with the $50 Monthly Unlimited offer, and we are doing it again with the launch of the Motorola i1. Together with Motorola, we are able to offer the Android experience to those customers who enjoy the walkie-talkie feature. And with 1,100 Best Buy locations, 80 Best Buy Mobile stores and exclusive Boost Mobile stores nationwide, customers will not have to search far to find this hot handset.”

Jeff Miller, vice president, Motorola Mobile Devices stated, “Motorola remains focused on delivering differentiated Android experiences within our product portfolio,” said “With the Motorola i1, we’re excited to offer Boost users the opportunity to enjoy a feature-rich Android smartphone with walkie-talkie capability.”

Users can also gain access to Email Exchange, Gmail, MSN, Yahoo! among others. It also features Stereo Bluetooth, 2GB microSD card and also has the ability to support up to 32GB. The mobile phone is also noted to be GPS enabled.

The Motorola i1 handset can be acquired Boost Mobile Exclusive Retail Stores as well as Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile standalone stores. No word yet on the official pricing details.

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  1. Fkyllbds51

    Does it have a key pad

  2. Jroach

    The i1 runs the Android 1.5 firmware and Motorola has indicated that they will not be making an upgrade to this OS available on this phone. If you have specialty apps that you want to run on your phone, check with your app provider to see if they are supported by version 1.5. I didn’t check, and now I have a $399 phone that doesn’t do what I want it to.

  3. Darvon Dixon

    Ain’t that the truth I spent $350 on a phone that im having a hard time getting flash player (most sites run by F.P). You tube won’t play without an additional app. I wish the store could have told me that before I bought it. They probably didn’t know themselves just wanted the sales I suppose. But anyway just a few months later they have a bunch of up grades that works beautifully and im stuck with almost a $400 dollar phone that doesn’t do what I want it to! I could have kept my boost mobile sanyo which did at least did some things I like than this. What a world what a World.

  4. Darvon Dixon

    Yeah it has a key pad, actually 3 you can choose from.

  5. Ccino44

    How to breake the code if lock out

  6. Lmtbuttercup

    I have spent numerous hours on the phone with Boost and I am quite frustrated that I have a very expensive phone I can no longer use for the purposes I bought it for. They told me I needed to buy a new phone if I wanted the android system. My phone is not even a year old yet!!!

  7. Droctavius1

    here is the link that explain  the update for the motorola i1 now this is not changing the 1.5 os but it is improving it and fixing all the crazy bugs. also if anyone who has a motorola i1 common sense will tell you unlock it and use a different android os that was on a newer model android phone and put it on the motorola i1. here is the link i was mention.

  8. kortney

    Ya I’m lockout

  9. D Willis2008

    I have a motorola Android 2 3g.  How can I have my movies play from the small motorola screen to my big HD TV without paying extra dollars to upgrade my phone?

  10. crystal

    i need a manual for a boost mobile phone called motorola i1 . do you have one ?

  11. crystal

    how do i put pictures & music on my motorola i1 phone

  12. crystal

    how do i put pictures & music on my motorola i1 phone

  13. Guapos 1000

    I would like to know what’s the unlock code for motorola i1. Thanks!:)

  14. Rich697220

    hey did you ever get the code and does it work. If it works can i get the unlock code.

  15. Chemonataylor

    how do i get flash player for the i1 motorla boost phone.i checked the apps didn’t see one,flash player didn’t even pop up on the apps ,i also up dated my phone ,still no flash player .

  16. Jruiz480

    How do you reset this phone

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