Browsing Internet Is The Most Popular Smartphone Activity

Smartphone popularity has grown immensely and the number of users tooling smartphones has literally exploded over the recent years. The result of this insurmountable popularity of smartphones is that they have come about to change our very lifestyles. In fact, users prefer their smartphones for a number of functions other than simply making calls.

There was a time when the sole purpose of a phone was considered making calls or sending text messages. However, this has changes drastically with the new generation of smartphone devices, the most notable of which is Samsung Galaxy S III.

This has been revealed by the mobile network O2 which, in its report titled ‘All  About You’ explores the way mobile devices are being used and how they are changing out lifestyles.

According to this report, making calls on a smartphone is the fifth most popular activity among the users. It is taken over by a number of other more popular activities. The top of the list is, unsurprisingly, browsing the internet. According to the report, users spend some 128 minutes on average on their smartphones every day.

Out of these, 25 minutes are spent browsing internet, another 17 minutes are used for social networking, 16 minutes go into listening music, another 13 minutes are consumed by playing games and a mere 12 minutes are used up on calls.

This shows how a whole host of other activities have become the chief functions on a smartphone, defining a new era for the user of mobile devices. No longer is making a call or sending a text message the main activity on a smartphone.

What is even more interesting is a huge number of users are of the view that they have replaced their alarm clocks, watches, cameras and even laptops with the smartphone, so comprehensive are the functions of a smartphone.

Source: O2

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