iPazzPort mini Bluetooth keyboard

EFO rolls out credit card-sized iPazzPort mini Bluetooth keyboard….

EFO may not have quite reached Brando levels low-cost gadget fame, but it did manage to catch our attention recently with its HTPC-friendly iPazzPort keyboard, and it’s now back with another interesting little device: the iPazzPort mini Bluetooth keyboard.

Product Description:

Applications: Wireless (Bluetooth) connection, smart and portable size : a. Wireless remote control of your handheld devices including your iPad and iPhone b. Bluetooth wireless c. Enhances handheld deivce control with Remote Control “just like your TV Remote Control” d. Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations e. Convenient size f. Plug and play g. Backlit keyboard for comfortable operation in darkened room.

As you can see, this one is simply a tiny Bluetooth keyboard, which EFO says is “tailor-made for handheld devices” and, of course, perfect for use with the iPhone or iPad. It’s also reasonably cheap  just $32  and it would seemingly be a good starting point for DIY-minded individuals looking to build, say, an iPhone case with a built-in keyboard.


  • Easy To Use? quicker keys than the previous models
  • Tailor-made for handheld device, backlit buttons
  • Bluetooth, for iPad and iPhone
  • Successfully tested on iPad and iPhone
  • Mini and Portable

Resources :ipadtouchfans.info,engadget.com

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