Canonical Ubuntu Superphone Fundraiser Crosses $3M In A Day

Online fund crowdsourcing has proved wildly successful in recent months. Canonical has now pitched ‘Ubuntu Superphone’, a smartphone that also serves as a laptop, on Indiegogo. The fundraiser aims to amass $32 million and has already bagged more than $3 million, with 30 days left in the expiry of the campaign.

Ubuntu Edge

The fundraising campaign offers Ubuntu Edge as the ‘superphone’ that will be an apt replacement for the powers of smartphone and laptop combined. The handset packs 4GB of RAM together with 128GB of storage space and Canonical is touting it as ‘laptop-grade’, meaning that when connected to an external display, it can aptly serve as a replacement for an actual laptop.

The company offered a one-day offer which let you sign up for the handset for a mere $600. The standard sum to back up the campaign on Indiegogo is $830 which may seem much but the campaign has already been able to raise millions of dollars within a day or so of launching.

With it’s target of raising some $32 million, this campaign is certainly one of the biggest to hit the online crowdsourcing arena. And from the looks of it, Canonical may well be on its way to muster ample support for it. However, the company is apparently unwilling to enter the hardware business directly and has hinted that it may collaborate with a smartphone vendor to ultimately bring Ubuntu Edge to the market.

If the campaign proves successful, which seems very likely, it would be a direct indication that there is a demand for even smarter handsets and people are increasingly looking forward to more comprehensive computing solutions.

Source: Indiegogo

Courtesy: Wired

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