Control Over LED of Blackberry With LED Notifier

The folks behind Photo Editor app for BlackBerry are back with another very useful app, LED Notifier. LED Notifier changes the color of your LED notification according to the rules you define. Now you’ll know whose message just arrived or who just called you without looking at your BlackBerry screen.

LED Notifier does exactly what Trackball Color does for Android devices. It is a very simple app that lets you customize the behavior of the BlackBerry LED light so that it can blink in different colors based on who is calling, texting or e-mailing you.

For every phone call, text message and email, you don’t always have to pick up the phone to check. You can easily know exactly who is trying to reach you without needing to even pick up the phone or examining the device’s screen, all thanks to the small LED that will flash different colours for different contacts.

For example:

LED Notifier can be configured to have your phone’s LED blink blue when your wife calls, red for text messages from your boss and green for email from your mother. The user is provided a host of choices with this cleverly designed application.


* LED Notifier blinks a different color for incoming call/SMS/Email from a particular contact.
* LED Notifier never gets in your way; it runs silently in the background waiting for an incoming call, sms or email to inform you by flashing your BlackBerry’s LED.
* You don’t need to manually start LED Notifier. Once installed it will launch automatically when your phone restarts or reboots and will run silently in the background.
* LED Notifier allows you to customize the LED color for the contacts right from your BlackBerry’s address book.
* You can also add numbers and email addresses that are not in your contact list but need a custom notification for them.
* You have the liberty to enable or disable the LED Notifier service whenever you want.

You can purchase LED Notifier for just $3.99.


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