Casio G-Shock – A Rugged Smartphone That Can Resist Water, Fall And Weight

If you are an avid adventurer, you surely would want a smartphone that can stand all the tough circumstances you may have to go through daily. It should resist water, it should stay undamaged when it falls from height and it should stay intact when a weight is accidentally placed on it. Well, Casio has introduced the concept of a smartphone which can accomplish all of this. The smartphone has been named ‘G-Shock’ and still a concept while it’s details, design and OS are yet to be decided.

According to the concept that has been introduced by Casio, the smartphone will be able to withstand a fall from heights as high as 10 feet. It can be a very useful feature since a lot of smartphones get busted because they are dropped by their users. Moreover, the phone will be resistance to up to 10 feet of water and can beat weight of up to one ton, placed on it, without being damaged.

Currently, this is just a concept. Casio hasn’t even detailed out the exact design, specifications or operation system of the possible device. However, even when excellent specs and a fine OS, Casio will have to find a niche market, for instance professionals adventurers, to push it’s product successfully.

To view further details about the design, head on to the Japanese site, My Navi.

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