CES 2012: Social Networking Experience Added To GPS Navigation By TomTom

GPS navigation has become crucial to everyone these days. A mobile without a GPS service seems very inadequate while there is also a growing trend of having this functionality in tablets too. TomTom is the company whose GPS services are most widely used in the market. And TomTom has unveiled an all new dimension of GPS services at CES 2012. And that is: linking GPA navigation to social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

The new version of TomTom on iOS is being touted as an upcoming 1.10 update. This update integrates the experience of social networking within GPS navigation. For instance, if you are moving from one place to another, and you want your destination to be tweeted on Twitter, you can do it right through the TomTom app, without having to go to the actual page or app of Twitter.

In fact, the new update also allows for the transfer of the data of the TomTom app through emails and text messages. The best part about TomTom’s GPS navigatioin app is that it updates very quickly about the changed roads and routes, so that you map is always updated. The app is already available for iPhone and iPad. If you have a traffic jam in your way, the app will inform you of it and will provide viable alternatives. In this way, TomTom app intelligently generates best route for you. It also comes with voice instructions, so you don’t have to read something off a GPS device. You simply listen to the instructions and simply act on them.

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