Samsung Dishes Out A Walkthrough Video For Galaxy S4

The sheer number of new features that Samsung has packed in the new Galaxy S4 handset may leave one confused. To help us with it, Samsung has released a video walkthrough which lets the users get a quick grasp of the many different features in the new smartphone. The video is posted below.

Galaxy S4

In the four-minute video, Samsung is quick to tout the new design, outlook and notched up display of Galaxy S4. This is fairly effective since the first thing any user would want to know about the new Galaxy smartphone would be, how does it look and feel. Samsung does a good job convincing the viewers that the new Galaxy S4 handset is a lot better in aesthetics and design than its predecessor.

The vendor then goes on to explore other notable features in the smartphone, one by one. For instance, Samsung mentions the ‘Air View’ feature which essentially lets you hover a finger over the screen and browse with the help of it, without even touching the touch-screen. Samsung has enabled such touch-less functionality for a number of tasks on the smartphone.

Some light is also shed on the dual cameras and the ability to take dual shots. Other features also get some air-time and the video is wrapped within four minutes. While a longer video would’ve helped Samsung reveal the new features in more detail, even this video goes a long way in shedding more light on these features and letting the users know what the new Galaxy S4 packs. Watch the video below to see for yourself:

Courtesy: Redmond Pie

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