China Becomes Top Country With Most iOS And Android Activations

US has been the largest player of the smartphone and tablet market, having the largest share of users worldwide. This superiority, however, is increasingly diminishing in the face of China’s emerging user base. According to the reports of an app analytics company Flurry, last month China surpassed US for the first time with the most number of activations of iOS and Android devices.

China has caught up to its share very rapidly. Just a while ago, in 2011, China accounted for only 8 percent of the overall Android and iOS activations while US reigned supreme with its 28 percent. Now, however, during March this year, China made up for 24 percent of the overall activations while US dropped down to 21 percent.

However, since China was pretty late to catch up with the trend of smartphone and tablets, it still is in the second place as far as the total install base stats are concerned. Right now, compared to China, US has two times more iOS and Android devices.

Apple is making leaps in China, trying to bring the largest Chinese carrier on board after having the second and third largest carriers already with it. This deal, as soon as it happens, will naturally surge the presence of iOS devices in the country immensely. And that is why, US lead in the overall stats will also be topped by China pretty soon.

The growth of the trend for smartphones and tablets in China can also be gauged from the fact that in the last year, China saw 1100 percent growth in the use of mobile apps! This was incredibly high growth and was nearly double that of the second country on list.

Image courtesy liewcf.

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