Microsoft Announces Prize For Winner Over ‘Smoked By Windows Phone’ Controversy, Apologizes

Microsoft had launched the ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ campaign rather ambitiously, hoping that with its own hand-picked tests, it can easily show off that Windows Phone was better than nearly every other smartphone. Even then, Sahas Katta was able to beat Windows Phone with his Galaxy Nexus. Microsoft relented and made excuses formerly but now the company has announced a laptop, a smartphone and an apology for Sahas.

It all started when Sahas went down to a local Microsoft store and pitted his Android Galaxy Nexus against Windows Phone. The ‘test’ was to display the weather of two different cities on their devices. Sahas was able to display the weather a lot faster than the Windows Phone device that was up against it. Bewildered by this, Microsoft personnel on site started conjuring different excuses like that the weather to be displayed was supposed to be from different states.

Eventually, Ben Rudolph from Microsoft, who had been the brains behind this campaign, offered Sahas an apology and a rematch at some random Windows Phone challenge. But the scorn from the users kept mounting and coming and it was then that Microsoft relented and admitted that Sahas had indeed performed better than Windows Phone with his Galaxy Nexus.

Now, the latest turn of events is that Rudolph has announced that a formal apology, a laptop and a smartphone are waiting for Sahas as soon as he contacts him. This is of course an indirect admission of Sahas’ win.

Image courtesy TAKA

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