Microsoft Bringing Nokia Windows 95 Phone!

Since Microsoft bought Nokia’s handset division, the company is always trying to incorporate its latest Windows OS into Nokia’s all upcoming handsets with new enthusiasm. But what would be your reaction if you come to know that Microsoft is about to bring a new Windows Phone that runs on Windows 95 OS? I was completely convinced after watching a video that Microsoft is really about to bring a Windows 95 phone! Will you be convinced too like me?

Nokia Windows 95 Phone

The video is shot with some weird logical saying like at present days young consumers would love to have such a phone with 90s OS than slick fancy phones with latest OS that are available in the market. The video is presented in such a way mentioning “Microsoft is now proud to introduce a new Nokia Windows Phone that runs on Windows 95 OS” that you could be easily befooled like me.

On the other side, you will hear some silly features of this phone like the phone will create a special sound like adjusting some frequency when you open Internet Explorer browser or Microsoft will bring the phone along with some type of old Nokia brick phones glued at the back of the phone.

Nokia Brick Phones Glued To The Back Of Nokia Windows 95 Phone

No doubt, the video is nothing, but just a prank. But who knows, one day we might see Microsoft announcing such phone with Windows 95 OS. However, here’s the pranky video of Microsoft bringing Nokia Windows 95 phone.

Source: YouTube

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