Disney To Sell Sharp Galapagos 003SH Android Phone

Disney has decided to sell a new smartphone in Japan nd given Steve Jobs’ presence on the company’s board of directors.Disney’s first smartphone is essentially a Sharp Galapagos 003SH with a Disney-fied version of Froyo that comes with a Disney email address, exclusive content and optional custom Disney-themed cases……..

Walt Disney Company announced a Disney Android phone Sharp Galapagos 003SH only for Japan.The Android Disney phone has a 1GHz processor and a 9.6-megapixel camera and runs a customized version of Android 2.2 supporting Flash 10.1. It has a 3.8-inch display incorporating glasses-free 3D and there will of course be special Disney additions such as a Disney e-mail address and special content and rounding off.Sharp Galapagos 003SH with a Disney-fied version of Froyo should be released in Japan in February.


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