Download Netflix for Windows Phone 7

Netflix has announced that its windows phone 7 app is now live and available for download.As with the Netflix apps for other platforms, the WP7 version is totally free and will allow you to watch streaming content on your device.With this application you can search titles of movies and shows and play them directly on the screen of your device.

Some more features are as follows:

* Watch as often as you want
* Resume watching your shows where you left it on your PC or phone
* Watch and browse movies
* Manage your instant queues right from your phone.

To download Netflix for WP 7, connect your phone to Zune and search for “Netflix” in the market. You can also download this app directly on your phone.

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  1. Ricardo

    I have an acer computer with windows 7 and I want to watch netflix on it.  How can I watch Netflix from my acer comptuer?

  2. Darren

    so why is it not in the zune market place?????

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