Dutch Retailer Puts Up Nokia Lumia 910 With 12-Megapixel Camera On It’s Website

Nokia’s Lumia has gained widespread acclaim for being very competitive and aesthetically cool. The hype is particularly high about Nokia Lumia 900 which is to hit the markets sometimes later in this year. However, a surprising piece of news is that a Dutch retailer, Typhone, has put up an image of Nokia Lumia 910 on it’s website, claiming that the device will soon be available in Netherlands. The only different between Lumia 900 and Lumia 910 is that the latter doesn’t support LTE and has a 12-megapixel rear camera, compared to the 8-megapixel camera in Lumia 900. Can this really be true?

We have already seen a 12-megapixel camera in Nokia N8. The performance of the camera was exceptionally well and the photo quality was hailed as really good. If indeed a Nokia Lumia 910 is launched with the specs that the Dutch retailer is claiming on it’s website, that means Nokia is really gearing up to penetrate through the smartphone market with multiple awesome devices.

The retailer hasn’t given a definite date for the launch of the device, but analysts are speculating that it may be available by May. If this estimate stands corrected, Lumia 910 may be released in Europe even before Lumia 900.

You can head to the Dutch retailer’s page on Nokia Lumia 910 here. Although it features the image of a Lumia 900 device, the specs it has mentioned are different.

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