Fairphone – World’s First Ethical Smartphone – Is Up For Pre-Order

Three years ago, an initiative named Fairphone was launched in Netherlands. It aimed to educate people about the impact of using conflict minerals in mainstream consumer electronics. The project grew far beyond that over the years and gave birth to Fairphone – the world’s first ethical smartphone, named after its creators. This ethical smartphone is now up for pre-order.


Fairphone is very unique in that the company has tried to make sure that all the processes, components and practices that were used in constructing the smartphone are ideal and exemplary. In doing so, no component of the phone uses any of the conflict minerals.

Moreover, the company has carefully considered the impact of using the minerals that went into the smartphone and that how the overall process of constructing the device may impact the environment. While considering all this, the company has tried to adopt the best practices throughout the process.

And despite being so careful, and ethical, Fairphone costs a mere $436. That is a very affordable price tag for a smartphone that packs fairly decent hardware and comes from such a neat process. Fairphone features a 4.3-inch display together with a quad-core processor and Android 4.2. It includes an 8MP rear camera as well as a 1.3MP front camera.

The company needs to land at least 5,000 pre-orders before it can start commercial production of the handset. Pre-orders have initially been made available to customers in Europe, although the company intends to expand the availability to other regions over the coming months. So far, the company has already landed 2,512 pre-orders, and has 19 days left in the campaign. If you are smitten with the world’s first ever ethical smartphone, you may want to book yours here.

Source: Fairphone

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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