Fake Android Store In China Selling iPhone

If you are roaming around in China and you come across a store which is plastered with the landmark color of Android, green, with a large Android logo right across its face, you will most probably think of it as an official Android store. Even when a tiny little text underneath reads something else in Chinese. That’s precisely the case with a store at Zuhai, Guandong province.

Apparently, those running the store have done all they can to trick someone, probably the innocent tourists specifically, into believing that the store is actually an official Android store. But anyone is able to disregard that possibility when he enters the store. This is because Fake Android store spotted in China, includes Apple shop-in-shop apart from offering Android smartphones, the store also offers iPhone devices, something not a real Android store would do.

Although the text on the front does read ‘Famous Smartphone Experiencing Store’, that part is only in Chinese. And that kind of affirms the store’s motives to target the tourists and make them believe that the store really is a Google-endorsed outlet. Of course, this seems to infringe upon copyrights and Google can take a legal action against the store for using the ‘Android’ logo without permission for commercial purposes.

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