Full Features And Specs Of HTC One X Revealed

From the sheer amounts of leaks we have been getting about HTC’s anticipated smartphone devices, one wonders perhaps keeping things under cover is not very dearly admired at HTC. We reported a few leaks about HTC One S and One X a while earlier. And now, a Greek site has revealed the full product sheet of the device which details the specs as well as the features of One X. Read further for these details.

According to the details revealed by this document, HTC One X features a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, a 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD2 Display and 32 GB of storage. Not only this, the phone is also said to have NFC capability which is also being said to be compatible with Google Wallet. Moreover, the device has MHL support for this NFC technology and also features a f/2 0.8-megapixel camera. These are quite handsome specs and it may seem that HTC has definitely upped the game with it’s quad-core device. But then, we are expecting many quad-core revelations at MWC this year.

These specs, however, disagree with the specs that were revealed earlier about One X. And this one definitely seems lot more authentic, given the full details given in the document. You can read the entire document below.

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