Samsung Overtakes Apple To Grab The Top Smartphone Market-Share in First Quarter

Samsung has long been competing Apple to grab hold of the top share of the smartphone market. Samsung already was able to beat Nokia to become the largest handset vendor globally this quarter. And now, although Apple has shown impressive growth, Samsung has improved lot more and is finally able to grab the top spot in the smartphone market in terms of market share.

This latest bit of news has been divulged by the research firm IDC in its Q1 2012 report. Over the course of this one quarter, Apple was able to achieve a growth of 8.8 percent of the overall mobile market and 24.2 percent specifically of the total smartphone market.

However impressive these stats may be, they pale in front of what Samsung has achieved. The Korean electronics maker reached for the top spot, showing a year-over-year growth of a whooping 267 percent and 29.1 percent of growth in terms of the global smartphone market.

According to the report, ‘Meanwhile, the worldwide smartphone market grew 42.5% year over year in 1Q12, as Samsung overtook Apple for the smartphone leadership position. Vendors shipped 144.9 million smartphones in 1Q12 compared to 101.7 million units in 1Q11. The 42.5% year-over-year growth was 1% higher than IDC’s forecast of 41.5% for the quarter, and lower than the 57.4% growth in the fourth quarter of 2011.’

IDC is of the opinion that Apple has been able to grow further due to its flagship smartphone, iPhone, becoming available on more and more carriers over time. Not only that, there has been a sustained user demand for iPhone.

As far as Samsung’s growth is concerned, IDC pins that on its Galaxy line-up though we are not sure how extra-ordinary the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy devices has been.

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