Galaxy S4 Scores High Marks On Repairability, Says iFixit

Folks at iFixit have a knack of tearing down every new gadget on the market and then discern how repairable it is. While most of Apple’s products have score fairly low when it comes to repairability, Samsung Galaxy S4 is apparently easy to disassemble and repair, earning it a high repairability score.

Galaxy S4 teardown

Samsung didn’t make many significant changes in the assembly design of Galaxy S4, when compared to Galaxy S III. This is a great decision, since it lets the users disassemble the new flagship smartphone without any difficulty and without any surprises.

During the tear-down, iFixit team also discerned that the smartphone packs two infrared sensors on both sides of the earpiece speaker. These sensors essentially let Galaxy S4 discern the motion of a user’s hand above the screen, without touching the screen itself.

Moreover, the excellent touchscreen included on Galaxy S4 is being powered up by Synaptics S5000B which is placed just under the display. As is the case with earlier Galaxy smartphones, the key vendor who has provided not only the processor but also a whole plethora of other hardware is Qualcomm. In S4, the LTE chip, the power management components, the multimode modem, the processor as well as the audio codec have been furnished by Qualcomm.

In all, the iFixit team has decided to give Galaxy S4 a score of eight out of ten when it comes to repairability. In other words, opening up the smartphone and repairing it is very easy compared to other smartphones.

Source: iFixit

Courtesy: CNET

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