Lucky Users Bought Nexus 4 Even After Google Store Showed ‘Sold Out’

Google made Nexus 4 available in Google Play store only yesterday. The Google Play Store in U.S. was out of stock in less than an hour of releasing Nexus 4. In other places, Nexus 4 went out of stock in less than 30 minutes. Whereas the online store now displays the ‘coming soon’ banner, some users have reported to have been able to purchase a Nexus 4 despite that.

Google Nexus 4

According to Google, it is already out of stock of the new smartphone in a number of countries. A fair amount of hype had indeed surrounded the launch of the device and we did expect that it will amass a good amount of sales.

But the company hasn’t revealed exactly how much stock did its online stores hold. Only after Google discloses the numders we can gauge how many Google Nexus 4 units have been approximately sold.

Interestingly, Chistopher Dawson from ZDNet reported to have got hos hands on a Nexus 4 after several hours of trying. Some other users have also reported to find the phone several hours, both online and offline stores, after the initial sold out notice sprang out.

Does this mean that the Google Play Store in the U.S. is not out of stock or that Google is fetching inventory from other countries? We can only surmise at this time.

Courtesy: ZDNet

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