Google Play Revenue Grows By 67%, Thanks To Japan And South Korea

Currently, Apple’s App Store is still the most profitable marketplace on the web. However, Google Play seems to be catching up fast. The Play store registered a growth of 67% over the last six months, compared to a mere 15% growth by the App Store during the same time.

Google Play

The significantly high growth percentage of the Play Store shows that the Android apps marketplace is catching up fast to the bigger and more profitable App Store. This is quite understandable too, given the fact that the Android audience is growing at a far greater pace compared to the overall growth in the iOS user base.

Quite interestingly, while U.S. is still the top country when it comes to the money spent on Play Store. Japan and South Korea occupy the second and third positions respectively. In Japan, the amount of money spent on App Store and the amount spent on Play Store are nearly equal.

However, the same is not true for South Korea. In South Korea, the bulk of money spent on apps goes to Play Store, while the amount spent on App Store is negligible. Despite the fact that there are larger markets out there, such as Russia and China, South Korea has grabbed the third position even when it has a comparatively smaller market.

During the last 6 months, the most profitable app has been Candy Crush Saga while SwiftKey Keyboard topped the list of paid downloaded apps. Candy Crush Saga also remained the most profitable app on the App Store.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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