Google Stats: PC Usage Holding Firm, Tablet And Smartphone Use Growing

Google has released the result of a study carried out by a research firm, Ipsos MediaCT, which as commissioned by Google. The study was carried out on 2000 residents each from the following five countries: US, UK, Germany, France and Japan. The study reveals that the trend of  smartphones and tablets is increasing in all five countries, with UK on the lead followed by both France and US in overall smartphone use. However, while smartphones and tablets come en vogue, PCs are not experiencing any decrease in their usage, something which was predicted by many experts.

According to the details revealed by the study, UK is leading the overall smartphone usage with 45 percent at the helm. This is closely followed by France and USA, each of which stands at 38 percent. However, these figures are not the same as predicted by some other studies which suggest that US is the one leading the overall smartphone usage.

Feature phones, which were once the rage in the world of mobile and wireless, are fast being eroded by smartphones. Japan has conventionally been the stronghold of feature phones, with many Japanese companies producing some of the best feature phones worldwide. But even they are taken a backseat as Japanese take to smartphones. Over the last year, the smartphone usage in Japan has surged from 6 to 17 percent and is expected to grow at an even faster pace in the coming days. This may spell the end of ride for feature phones.

The study also reveals that PCs are not witnessing any reduction in their usage. Analysts had speculated that with the growth of smartphones and tablets usage, the PC usage will diminish greatly. But interestingly, the PC usage has stood these rivals and continues to be firm across all the five surveyed countries.

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