How To Pre-Order An Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III

Ever since Samsung launched its flagship Galaxy device, S III, the tech world has been abuzz with news about the device. Samsung was able to pull off a fairly good show by unveiling a whole host of features that will come with the new device. Moreover, the sleek design of the device and its ultra-clear and bright screen were like topping a cream cake with a cherry.

At the event, we were told that the device will first launch in Europe on May 29, so if you happen to be in Europe, you will be lucky to be among the first to be able to lay your hands on the device.

Users in North American and Japan will be blessed with a 4G version of the device, we were told. Also, Sprint is expected to be the chief carrier of the device in U.S.

But the question remains, how to get an unlocked version of the device and for what price. PocketNow did a post about this titled ‘Where to pre-order an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III’ but the page is currently down. A number of rumors have been surfacing as to the availability of an unlocked version of S III.

The rumors have been pretty much confirmed with Amazon putting up an unlocked version of the device for sale. The price tag is a whopping $824 for the 16 GB version. You can place your pre-orders right here but you will be able to get the device by June 2.

Source: Amazon

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