HTC EVO 4G Fits to Work with Palm Touchstone Wireless Charger

You must have seen Palm using Touchstone charging dock many times for wireless charging, and it is normal. But think of HTC EVO 4G to work with it!

Currently, no further details about how to carry out hack has been posted, but you can watch the video showing EVO 4G getting charged wirelessly with Palm Touchstone. The developer has assured to share the step by step instructions on how force EVO 4G to get charged using Palm touchstone. And you never know, the hack might come handy anytime.

However, there are some disadvantages as well. According to the hacker –

* The 4 magnets around the coil render any compass apps completely useless.
* The battery cover sticks up a little but as you saw in the YouTube video it’s barely noticeable.

Source: GoodandEvo

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