Microsoft Indirectly Pinched iPhone In Windows Phone 7 Series Video

The day before yesterday Microsoft unveiled their new mobile OS: Windows Phone 7 Series at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. They launched a video in the show, featuring a demo. In the demo they indirectly pinched iPhone without mentioning the the name of the iPhone.

The narrator laments the “Sea of Sameness” that smartphones have fallen into, with each new phone “‘just a slightly better version than the one before it.” He tried to underestimate iPhone over using apps. They tried to tell that “the other smartphones make you to use them one at a time—in and out, and onto the next app, then the next, and the next, rarely working together.” It actually an indirect pinch to the iPhone. But the greatest strength of iPhone is its apps: the 150,000 apps on its platform.

They illustrates this with a woman in a labyrinth opening up doors labeled with different app icons. Of course, the iPhone the major smartphone that still doesn’t run multiple apps in the background—Android and Palm, for instance, do.

Just look at the video:

Source: Tech Crunch

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