Instagram To Launch on Windows Phone 7

The popular photo sharing service, Instagram could prepare a release on Windows mobile platform before becoming available for the impressive army of Android device owners, according to a fresh hot new rumor. Apparently, the work on an Instagram app for Microsoft operating system is already finished.

One of the main reasons behind Instagram success could be that this app is designed for iOS platform and is available for iPhones owners. At the end of last year, the company behind described the meteoritic growth with Instagram gaining 15 million users. However, Kevin Systrom, company co-founder, always talked about his interest to expand Instagram’s availability across more platforms and to a wider range of devices. Industry observers suggested that Fast Company would first and foremost reach to Android fans in order to gain more popularity and fast. Kevin Systrom also admitted that there is a team of developers working on Android version of the app.

However, the performance of Windows Phone 7 caught the eyes of Fast Company officials who are more interested to attract high end users. Delivering the Instagram app on Android Market first, would not offer the same quality experience and on the long term was not perceived as a good strategic move.

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