Motorola Droid 2

It’s Droid 2 by Motorola with .7 inch screen, a 750MHz OMAP processor, Wi-Fi tethering, 8GB of internal memory and many more…

The Motorola Droid 2 has returned my friends, and this time it comes to you with a new photo, an extensive list of specs and yup, you guessed it, a video for you to salivate over.

Before today, we had only seen one, blurry image of the activation screen as well as a photo of its keyboard, so this is pretty big folks. Before you feast your eyes on the video courtesy of Droid-Life, let’s take a moment and run down the specifications of this beast.

And finally, the puzzle pieces are coming together. There’s been a lot of confusion the past few weeks about these two new models for Verizon in Motorola’s pipeline, but by all accounts, this seems to be the A955 Droid 2 in its entirety — the true successor to the original Droid, of course, and a distinctly different product than the more slate-like Xtreme.

Few things changed as far as the outside design. They removed that stupid gold pad and replaced it with arrows (I wish it would be track ball, if you ask me). On the inside you can expect to see 750MHz OMAP processor , 5mp camera with flash, 8GB internal memory and comes with 8GB preloaded miniSD card oh and I must say it’s 3.7 inch display which as it looks like it’s going to be standard for the new phones.

Two issues though, well, one really. One, it has no HDMI out which is a bummer and two, it doesn’t rock a front facing camera. So no video chat folks. However, that does mean that you can cross the Droid 2 off the list of Motorola four-front facing camera phones that should come out this year.

It looks like Moto has killed off the Droid’s major pain points, giving the new model a more tactile keyboard and eliminating the nearly useless d-pad; the shiny bezel around the top half is a matter of personal opinion, but we don’t think we mind it from the blurry shots we’ve seen.

So, Droid owners: is this the golden ticket to get you to shell out another couple hundred dollars? As a bonus, follow the break for alleged video of the Droid 2’s boot sequence, which shows a reworked version of the scary red droid eye we’re accustomed to.


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