iPad with a camera!

iPad Hardware Reveals Potential Slot for Camera.So we can aspect that there will be a camera iPad with iPad in the near future?A company that fixes broken Apple products, apparently got their hands on some iPad parts. Their pictures showed off the internal frame, which curiously enough has a small hole on the top of the frame.
When the Mission Repair team took a camera out of a MacBook and placed it inside the iPad’s top hole, it fight right in. You can see a comparison of the MacBook camera and the iPad slot in the image.

9 to 5 Mac points out, there is other evidence to support the possibility of a camera in either the upcoming iPad or in a future version of the device. And as we’ve discussed previously, the iPhone 3.2 OS hints at camera support for the iPad.

A front-facing camera just makes sense for the iPad: it provides the device with teleconferencing and webcam properties that could alone make it worth purchasing.
Source: mashable.com

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