Microsoft Kin gets a software update

The Microsoft Kin may have been discontinued, but Microsoft today pushed out a new firmware build for the unit which fixes some minor issues.You should know that this doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft and Verizon have killed and buried KIN in a grave that is hopefully deep enough to cover up all its embarrassments……

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that most folks haven’t been losing sleep over the prospect of a Kin software update (or lack thereof), but those that have been constantly watching their One or Two for a bit of good news can now rest a little easier — sort of.

Microsoft has released a minor update for its discontinued Kin phones. The software giant hasn’t detailed the changes in version 1.0, build 2814.0, but Bernard on WMPowerUser has researched them. The update seems to focus on Twitter functions, including new Twitter avatars in the Kin Loop and a delivery of Twitter statuses that mimics Facebook and MySpace status updates, which includes a comment form and feed.

Retweeting is still not supported, but retweets of contacts show up in the Loop. Selecting a Twitter contact allows users to see their profile bio, website, about info and other profile stats. Twitter contacts can be linked to Kin contacts, just like in Facebook, MySpace and Windows Live.

Microsoft has promised to keep updating Kin handsets, with more expected. Many believe the plans will bring better handling of Twitter replies, seeing more than three Facebook pictures at a time, and adding a calendar and social networking notifications.

While the Kin has received a software update, it’s not the previously talked about one that would add revolutionary features like Twitter replies and re-tweets. It does add a number of other more minor Twitter updates, however, including Twitter avatars and re-tweets from your contacts in the Kin Loop, and the ability to link your Twitter contacts to your Kin contacts. So, the update still leaves quite a bit to be desired. Kind of fitting, really.


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