iPhone 5 Attracted More Launch-Day User Complains Than Galaxy S4

When Apple unveiled iPhone 5, the new handset ran into a number of controversies. Compared to that, Samsung’s Galaxy S4‘s launch was fairly smooth, as far as the smartphone’s features and functioning goes. According to ‘We Are Social’ metrics, Apple attracted many more user complaints after iPhone 5 launch, compared to Galaxy S4.

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

One of the key complaints that users registered as soon as iPhone 5 came out, was the absence of Google Maps and their replacement with Apple’s own Maps. Apple’s Maps lacked a number of key features and article after article pointed out the more flaws that it had.

Naturally, this leads to a lot of negative PR for Apple, so much so that the company had to officially apologize for the flaws in Maps and vowed to overcome them at the earliest. Also at the center of the iPhone 5 controversies was the new lightning adapter that Apple unveiled at the launch.

As a result, nearly 20% of all comments made about iPhone 5, next to its launch, were negative. Compared to that, Galaxy S4 attracted a mere 11% negative comments. Also significant is the revelation that after Galaxy S4’s launch, 56% of online discussions about it talked about the new features in the handset. On the other hand, only 29% discussions about iPhone 5 focused on its features.

While these metrics do seem to bathe Apple’s iPhone 5 launch in a negative light, the fact remains that iPhone 5 generated a lot more buzz compared to Galaxy S4. In fact, according to ‘We Are Social’ data, the launch day chatter for iPhone 5 was 10 times greater than Galaxy S4.

Courtesy: CNET

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