Finnish Startup Jolla Unveils Its First Smartphone With Sailfish OS

In the past, we have reported about how a number of former Nokia employees came together to found Jolla, a startup that is based in Finland. The MeeGo startup essentially aims to disrupt the smartphone market and liberate it from Android. To that end, the company has launched its first handset which comes with Sailfish OS.

Jolla handset

The hardware, as well as the software, of the Jolla smartphone is fairly impressive. The design is very elegant and lends excellent looks to the handset. It falls somewhere near the looks borne by Nokia Lumia handsets, but is still very distinct and unique.

The handset features a 4.5-inch Estrade display together with a dual-core chip to power it up and 4GB of RAM. The internal memory is 16GB together with the option of having it extended through a microSD card slot. There’s also an 8MP rear camera.

The most notable feature of the handset is that the shell colors are customizable. And while this option is available in other handsets too, the unique thing about the Zolla smartphone is that as soon as you change the color of the shell, the corresponding software running on top of the smartphone also changes! Jolla hasn’t indicated how it makes this happen, but we suspect that NFC is at play here.

As for the pricing and details of the handset, the company reveals, “Expected availability by end of 2013 subject to demand in your local market. Sales will start in European countries with more countries to follow. If you join the Movement and get the pre-order number to buy the phone when available, you’ll pay no more than 399€; including applicable VAT in Europe, but excluding shipping costs, duties and any local taxes.” You can place your pre-order for the handset here.

Source: Jolla

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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