Motorola To Spend $500 Million For Moto X Marketing

It seems to be an all-in game for Motorola, and it has support from its parent company – Google. I’m talking about the Moto X flagship device Motorola is expected to launch this fall.

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Seems like Motorola has planned a very carefully crafted marketing strategy to make the smartphone appealing to the U.S. consumers. It is being touted as “the first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.” Motorola has also been successful in making the Moto X nearly bloatware-free; that is, free of annoying apps pre-installed by carriers to promote their services. The phone is touted to be the most customizable smartphone ever. The smartphone will be available on all major U.S. carriers when it releases, to make it available to maximum number of customers. And the price will be comparable to iPhone and Galaxy S4.

And to get all these messages to the consumers, Motorola will be spending up to $500 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. Google has already assured the marketing budget for Moto X. The amount will be spent to market the smartphone in the U.S. and in some markets of Europe.

Just the marketing budget reveals how much Motorola and Google are betting on Moto X. And why shouldn’t they? After all, it is the first flagship device from Motorola Mobility since Google acquired it last year.

Source: WSJ

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