Leaked Information About Upcoming Sony Ericsson Super Phone – 13 MP Camera and LTE Support

Apparently, in a couple of weeks Sony Ericsson intends to release the latest high smartphone to sweep off the US market. The launch rumored to happen at Consumers Electronics Show, on January 9th in Las Vegas, makes smartphone lovers dream, especially after new buzz surfaced over the technology blogs recently.

On the official Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) where the certified Bluetooth devices are listed, just surfaced information about Sony Ericsson’s new high end smartphone. Dubbed as LT28at Xperia, but described more enticing than that as “Xperia super phone”, Sony Ericsson’s latest handset is reportedly having a set of impressing new features. Could this phone be the Nozomi in the picture we’ve been previously talking about?

On the matter of connectivity, the new Xperia is rumored to have LTE and HSPA support and for the Chinese market, the smartphone will be able to work on TD-SCDMA. For the users passionate about snapping instant pictures with their truest smartphone, Sony Ericsson might also have some good news, as the company upcoming “super phone” will have a 13 MP camera with back-illuminated sensor and LED flash.

The front facing camera is supposedly capable of 720p video recording, much like Galaxy Nexus. To complete its impressive features, the latest Xperia is rumored to have dual microphones, 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi. The phone is rumored to have a 4.55 inch Reality Display from Sony Ericsson.


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